Game Reviews: WP7

For your viewing pleasure, I have reviewed two free games; Scribble Defense and Word Tangle.

First of all, I’m a fan of free games. I don’t expect much out of them, they usually run pretty smoothly. The free games do not affect your XBL Gamer Score, but they also don’t affect your wallet.

I’ll be sure to grab some paid games once they are more my style. ilomilo, a game I reviewed last week was a paid, XBL game, and a damn good puzzle game, if a little short.

I plan on starting to grade games a little more in depth, but the paid ones will be graded separately from the free ones, for obvious reasons.

Scribble Defense is your basic Tower Defense game with the opportunity to mash your fat fingers all over the screen and place towers that shoot, burn, pull, pulse and otherwise fuck with invaders. All done in a scribble style.

Verdict: It could use some improvement, but it’s a fun game. Beware if you have fat fingers. Give it a whirl.

Word Tangle is a fun little game, where you select a block size (4×4 up to 8×8) and you connect adjacent letters to spell words within a time limit. You get more points for highlighted letters.

Verdict: Get it if you like word games.

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