Episode 17 of the podcast – Tastes like Honeycomb

Episode 17 is up and live. You can listen to it here and also catch up with old episodes.

Episode 17 show notes. We’re Back! After a short week long vacation, where Steven was the only one of us actually on vacation in beautiful Greece. As an aside, your favorite Noisecast squad is pooling money together to build a retirement village in Greece so… you know… holler!

Date: What Superbowl?; Time: 3pm EST
Roster: Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Vitto #9, Kevlar, Kaiser, Agrippa El Magnifico. Topics in no particular order since I’m too lazy to listen and give you time stamps. Enjoy! :)

  1. Honeycomb officially released. Thoughts? First true iPad iOS competitor? http://engt.co/gqjldW
  2. Canada changes its mind about UBB http://bit.ly/gsOc6S
  3. Verizon throttling data usage in preparation for iPhone 4 http://bit.ly/hHb8sd
  4. No easy fix as the internet runs out of addresses. http://bit.ly/f5UCxK
  5. Do you guard your WiFi password like your toothbrush, but use other peoples open networks when you need to? The WiFi Alliance thinks you do. http://bit.ly/etQjVd
  6. NBC fired the guy who leaked the early 90s “What is the Internet” video and is trying to take it down. http://gizmo.do/fzbeCn
  7. WHY?!? Don’t these people know the CDMA iPhone 4 won’t change their lives? http://bit.ly/dMHni4
  8. Music Piracy on the decline in popularity. http://bit.ly/fFJiRE
  9. Google catches Bing Copying, Mircosoft says, “So What?” http://bit.ly/icA2pz
  10. Apple wants a cut of Amazons ebook sales if read on iOS device. http://bit.ly/fTMul7
  11. Dating site needs user profiles so it steals 250,000 from facebook http://bit.ly/eABB01
  12. Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 comes to Windows http://engt.co/flvTEZ
  13. Why is it considered revenge to be turned in a shitty meme? http://gaw.kr/eqQVl3
  14. If you rob a Casino, Don’t brag about it on the internet. http://gaw.kr/dELPHa
  15. Search Underdog Blekko Sees Over 30M Searches In January, More Than 110K Slashtags Created Since Launch http://t.co/wfjCwXN
  16. If you have any Q&A about tech comparisons between US and Europe, ask Callas.
    1. are people in europe gayer? They look it.

Again, don’t forget to listen here.

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