Blogger app finally comes to Android

After a long wait that rivals Sony Ericsson’s update schedule for its Android handsets, Google finally pushed out an official Blogger app. Since Google acquired Blogspot years ago it has since developed services like Goggles from scratch and has created Android apps for these services as well. Blogger, which hasn’t changed much in terms of layout and usability since its Blogspot days has gotten the short end of the stick all these years. And it continues to do so.

I originally started writing this post with the app thinking the best way to explore it would be to put it in action. Unfortunately the official Blogger app is pretty bare bones. You’d think that Google would develop an app for a service it owns that packs a punch strong enough to rival the third party Blogger apps that already exist. This app feels more like a pacifier for the people who have been asking for a Blogger app for quite some time.

The app layout is clean and straightforward. It automatically uses your Android’s Google account to log in. After that you put in a post title, write your article, add a pic or video, throw on some labels of your choosing, and publish. If you want to save your post as a draft you can, but only locally on your phone. It doesn’t sync to your Blogger account so you can continue it on your desktop. There are no other options in terms of editing. No boldface, no italics, no ability to add links or break a post apart with a “Read More” tag. As I said it is very bare bones.

What makes me think even more that Blogger is Google’s red headed stepchild is that using Blogger via an Android browser is just as painful, with HTML mode being the only way to post. If you are looking to use Blogger on an Android then don’t get your hopes up too much. Your best bet is the Blogaway app. It features almost all posting options such as text formatting and text colors, links, pictures and images, and labels. Furthermore, it lets you save drafts straight to Blogger so that you can continue them on a different computer.

Tl;DR: Official Blogger app for Android sucks ass cause Google considers Blogger to be a venereal disease it acquired and is forced to acknowledge its existence for ethical and moral reasons.

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