What’s For Dinner? Let This Kiosk Decide.

Ever go in to a supermarket knowing you have to buy dinner, but have no idea what do get? Kraft Foods thinks you do, and has a high tech solution to conundrum.

This week at the National Federation Retail Show, Kraft debuted it’s “Meal Planning Solution”. When a user steps up to kiosk, it uses Anonymous Video Analytics to determine the users gender and age group to determine what types of products or recipes they might be interested in. You can even tell it you’ll be having a party or other such gathering based around food and it’ll give you suggestions for that scenario. To top it off it’ll spit out a free sample of Oreo’s to power you through your shopping excursion. Video after the jump.

A novel concept indeed, and one I would love to see because I can be the most indecisive shopper, especially when I don’t plan ahead. Which is basically every time I go grocery shopping. This looks like a definite time saver for me and would definitely make my shopping trip that much better. I hope this catches on.

via Fast Company

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