Stupid lady wants to sue mall for not aiding her with her stupidity

When you do something stupid and you’re caught you usually can do one of two things: lock yourself indoors for days on end from embarrassment or laugh about it, acknowledge your stupid mistake, and move on with life. Well for Cathy Cruz Marrero those options weren’t good enough so she decided to go with surprise option #3: lawsuit.

As seen in the immensely popular viral video above that surfaced this week, Marrero was so engrossed in her texting that it landed her head first into a water fountain. Granted this wasn’t something serious like texting while driving but it does have a lot to say about how society is becoming so dependent and engrossed with their gadgets that they become oblivious to life around them. But I digress….

From the video it isn’t easy to identify the woman. It is quite possible that her identity would never have been figured out, leaving her personal legacy untainted as the woman in the video would have been just another unfortunate Jane Doe. But Marrero who is an employee at Berkshire Mall, the mall at which the incident occurred, went on Good Morning America and said “I didn’t get an apology, what I got was, ‘At least nobody knows it was you.’ But I knew it was me.”

It currently is uncertain what grounds a lawsuit can be made on and what claims Marrero will make. An investigation has began to see if anyone can really be held accountable for Marrero’s actions as well as the posting of the security video on YouTube. The employee who did post the video was terminated and the U.S. Security Associates, the mall’s security company, is working on ways to make sure such a thing doesn’t happen again in the future (the video leak, Marrero’s stupidity is incurable).

It is interesting to note that Marrero has done other stupid things in the past so falling into a fountain and trying to sue in the aftermath are just her trying to maintain her steady track record of idiocy. Marrero currently owes over $4000 in restitution for charges she made to a comrade’s credit cards. Other “minor” blotches on her record include a hit-and-run and several cases of theft. But there is a silver lining to this story: her reasons for going public and hiring a lawyer. From a series of stupid decisions on Marrero’s part comes a noble cause, “to highlight privacy and security problems at the mall and teach people, especially kids, about the dangers of texting while walking.”

The dangers of texting while walking.

The dangers of.




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