Episode 15 of the Podcast – CES Detox – Show Notes

Episode 15:

Date: 01/16/2011

Time: 8EST

Roster: Steven callas, Benguin, Snoop, Agrippa, Gonzorider, Bazooka

I want to know what everyone is excited for. What came out of CES that hardened your nipples or killed your boner?

  1. Verizon or AT&T: Which Will Deliver the Best iPhone Experience. http://bit.ly/fXgh7s
    1. That list bothers me a little because it seems a bit… subjective…
  2. One opinion of CES. Agree? Disagree? http://bit.ly/icTZQx
  3. Does Blackberry only have two phone designs? http://bit.ly/ggqWDa
    1. didn’t see this in there http://gizmo.do/eOgyAy
  4. What To Expect from Honeycomb http://bit.ly/g47SaI
  5. FAIL of the Week. Laptop with cure for cancer stolen! And apparently back-ups don’t exist. http://bit.ly/e2aLez
  6. Somethings should not be wireless… http://engt.co/esAxwf
  7. Motorola OWNED CES, so all you Moto haters with your “they’re just doing the same shit as the RAZR, one product with 50 variations which is why Moto fails hard” can go fuck an anteater in the snout.
    1. Atrix Factsheet: http://t.co/sKEt332
      1. Won Cnet’s best smartphone award: http://t.co/aQh5jOg
    2. XOOM Factsheet: http://t.co/ZW1sTs6
      1. Won Cnet’s Best of Show award: http://t.co/tG0Zdum
  8. Odd topic: Astrological Signs are different now: http://gizmo.do/gCgWG7
  9. Benguin returns to the podcast after being MIA for a few weeks. Nobody notices. Agrippa noticed.
  10. Yay… another tablet coming out that should have been out already: http://bit.ly/f0cN51
  11. While not entirely surprising, this still seems excessive. 16%? http://bit.ly/f2wnpl
  12. Benguin’s pick of the non-specific time period: iPlunge cellphone stand http://bit.ly/eP6lA3
  13. Notion Ink Adam (Voted one of best of CES) just got its FCC approval and is on sale. Agrippa’s favorite of CES.

WTF stories for this episode

  1. Drunk Cowboys Arrested for Riding Horse and Donkey Down 6th Street http://t.co/CABuCdq
    1. Our motto in Austin has always been “Keep Austin Weird” That’s just a friggin Monday night. *shrugs* – Agrippa
  2. East Boston cat called to jury duty http://t.co/iakwcHw
  3. Are Facebook games that addicting? It seems like they’re becoming more addicting than WoW. http://gizmo.do/glA2tV
  4. Hunting with Webcams! Apparently it’s illegal. http://gaw.kr/ejlkNg
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