Episode 14 of the Podcast – I Heart Chaos and A Little Feedback – Show Notes

Episode Caveats: First episode testing Teamspeak. Overall, voice quality was great but we suffered from feedback and are working to solve the issue. All in all a very fun and lively episode.

Roster: Steven Callas, Kevlar Menace, SentFromyToilet (Tyler), Vitto #9, Gonzorider, Cranberryzero (http://www.iheartchaos.com/)
Location: TEAMSPEAK!!
Date: 1/9/2011

  1. Racetrack Memory: This needs to be on there and everyone should take a good hard look at it and make an attempt at understanding it: http://bit.ly/fsYuoM [That is some interesting shit]
    1. Here’s the wiki article if that blurb leaves you confused. http://bit.ly/eUBAgc
  2. Also, Red Letter Media has finally released his 110-minute Revenge of the Sith review. YESSSSSSSSS!: http://bit.ly/ibrDXj
  3. Windows Phone 7 Review. Kevlar and Tyler’s take on it.
  4. growth still unabated, Facebook preparing to move into larger campus http://tcrn.ch/g3HWeW
  5. Vizio may be unveiling a cheap Android Tablet at CES. This is not to be taken lightly. The company began in 2002 with 3 employees and now has 2.5 billion in revenue. If they drive prices low enough, ubiquity becomes the name of the game: http://on.wsj.com/eK3Mzi
  6. Apple and App Makers being Sued Over User Tracking http://bit.ly/dK9tXi
  7. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Samsung says it met it’s target of selling 10 million Galaxy tabs in 2010. That’s a lot of product in a few short months.: http://bit.ly/gc4hKu
  8. Over at physorg we have the creation of an alloy similar to Palladium. f course this is important because of China restricting the movement of rare earth metals and alloys critical for most technology. The technique could potentially create cheaper and more abundant susbstitutes for electronics parts and break the growing Chinese monopoly. However, there is no timetable as to when these will be fully available, we just have a methodology: http://bit.ly/gEuV8V
  9. According to The Wallstreet Journal Google is planning a “One Digital Newsstand To Rule Them All” surrounding its increasingly flagship Android OS. Of course this is in direct competition with Apple’s iOS/iPad attempt to rule the roost of old media: http://on.wsj.com/foFBVJ
  10. Again in The Wall Street Journal, in news about the big getting bigger, Goldman Sachs Group has added $500 million to the Facebook pocket, increasing its valuation to $50 billion. The interesting thing is they signed a deal with the Russian investment firm, Digital Sky that will permit them to dump it pre-IPO, increasing the steak Digital Sky Technologies has in Facebook. Should Facebook go public (and it certainly will), Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky will make a lot of money. A Facebook IPO may dwarf Google’s IPO: http://on.wsj.com/fqdxIX
  11. Remember OCOSMOS? Leak of what’s coming in CES, handheld full Win 7 gaming, dual core Intel processor, etc. Leaked rendering at source: http://engt.co/gDz3xm
  12. PrimeSense, the designers of the technology behind Xbox 360 Kinect have announced that they’ll be debuting a motion-sensing controller for PCs. The company has teamed up with Asus (pronounced Ass-es). It will be unveiled at CES and released in February. The controller will go by the name “WAVI Xtion.” … perhaps they got their awful naming naming conventions from Microsoft.: http://bit.ly/gyR4de
  13. Is Microsoft being idiotic by possibly releasing a tv set-top box? More importantly, didn’t they already release a set-top box called the Xbox 360?This one comes from business insider: http://read.bi/gRobV8
  14. OnStar brings it’s awesomeness to Steven’s 1985 Camry http://bit.ly/gSs3Wd — Actually I had a fire-engine red 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 up until 2003. It would shut off whenever I came to a complete start. And it had a badass Blaupunkt cassette system. I <3 blaupunkt
  15. Whoa, this is huge news! http://engt.co/eaisGG
  16. Despite our skepticism and doubts, the wall street journal seems pretty certain about the Verizon iPhone thing and they offer compelling inside information about it: http://on.wsj.com/eeheV3
    1. Assuming for a moment that this is actually happening, why would AT&T allow it? In my opinion it’s simple, Apple built an airtight escape clause into the deal. Despite the control carriers typically have, Apple got to boss AT&T around. It’s ridiculous to think that they wouldn’t do it on their own terms. More importantly, the deal could possibly have a revenue clause in addition to term limits, which is pretty normal with such deals (the deal will last this long or till it makes this much, whichever happens first). Finally, Apple has over 47 billion in cash assets in the form of retained earnings (profits that aren’t returned to investors through dividends, buy backs or other means), only Microsoft comes close to this with 44-45 billion. To put that in perspective, that is nearly ⅓ of AT&T’s market value just sitting around in cash. The idea that they couldn’t buy their freedom is ridiculous. So it *is* possible. Like everyone else here, I still have my doubts. – Agrippa
    2. I really hope it’s true so that people can shut the fuck up about it already. – Agrippa
    3. Gonzo and Kevlar so hope it true so we can get those S&M themed cases!
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