2 Million Galaxy Tabs Sold And The Tab 2 Is On The Horizon

Samsung has sold 2 million units of it’s Galaxy tab since its launch 3 months ago. While that number doesn’t come close to dwarfing the iPads numbers it did meet and beat Samsung’s expectations of selling 1.5 million units.

Even though it took the Galaxy Tab twice as long as the iPad to reach a million units sold, Samsung is already planning to launch a new tablet that is rumored to be either be a 10 inch model to better compete with the 9.7 inch iPad, just be a revised 7 inch model running Honeycomb.

Either way I’d rather seen a 10 inch model. While I don’t agree with Steve Jobs that 7 inches is just too small, I believe that the more screen real estate you can get on a tablet the better. And while having the same basic specs as the original Tab and just upgrading the OS to Honeycomb seems like following in Apples steps in just barely upgrading your current device and passing it off as something truly new.

Well have to wait and see what happens at the Mobile World Conference when Samsung makes the official announcement, but I’m crossing my fingers for a 10 incher running Honeycomb.

[Source Ars Technica]

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