Episode 5 – Stay Off Our Lawn

Roster: Steven Boner, Savagewhoredom, S-poopie, Rontourfacefacefaceface, Gonzwhorerider and his mom, Kevlar Femininess ; Guest Host: GitEmStephanieDaphne

November 7th 2010 Topic List:

  1. International Space Station marks 10 Years of Continuous Human Habitation http://gizmodo.com/5677726/international-space-station-marks-10-years-of-continuous-human-habitation.
  2. Better Place is bringing Electric Taxis to SF http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/31/better-places-electric-taxis-coming-to-sf-bay-area-thanks-to/
    1. Better Place is a huge infrastructure planned business
    2. They required a 7 mil grant to bring their stuff to SF -should the gov subsidize tech?
  3. The qualities and merits of podcasting without pants/nude -Ben (Is that the sort of thing you think you might be in to?) Cool Starry Bra
  4. Observing the average people around you, have you seen people latch on to specific technologies/products in a way that’s surprised you? Is the average joe finally becoming decently tech savvy?
  5. Google’s ChromeOS could be coming soon? Do you think this will work? Are mobile OSes like ChromeOS signially the start of the acceptance of Cloud computing? Is it better than the Windows XP or Win7 that appears on most netbooks?
  6. Kevlar’s mitsubishi i review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8FCnsnJMoI (I’m not abandoning this awesomeness) (GONZO APPROVES!) (Kevlar is proud of his JDM-ness)
  7. Do you think this lawsuit holds any merit?
  8. We talked about Myspace in the last episode becoming a Social/Music Hub thing. Will this be enough to save the dying social network?
  9. Skyfire Browser with Flash hits the App store. Thoughts and impressions?  http://gizmodo.com/5680824/skyfire-the-flash-video+playing-iphone-browser-is-available-now-and-it-works
  10. Xbox Kinect gets Reviewed http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/04/kinect-for-xbox-360-review/ , Will you buy it? Do you Like the Idea of it? I bought one so I got this (Rontourface)
  11. Thoughts on Dell Inspiron Duo which is a Netbook that folds into a Tablet http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/04/dell-inspiron-duo-flips-its-lid-on-official-video/
  12. Facebook Apps get updated for Android and iOS http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/03/new-facebook-app-for-android-available-adds-places-groups-and-im/ add’s group support and Places support for Android but still no goddamn chat.. Thoughts and Impressions?
  13. Walking Dead Premiers on AMC http://io9.com/5678969/walking-dead-premieres-as-the-highest-rated-show-in-amcs-history . Thoughts and Impressions?
  14. Facebook adds “Show Friendship” button which shows another example on how Privacy on Facebook sucks http://gawker.com/5679885/your-stalkers-favorite-new-facebook-feature
  15. T-Mobile makes Ad that pokes fun of AT&T’s network and the iPhone http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/03/t-mobile-starts-up-4g-ad-campaign-by-poking-a-stiletto-into-atandt/ This could be another War like when Verizon made fun of AT&T’s network
  16. Verizon will have to refund Customer’s that were charged for accidental Internet Usage http://gizmodo.com/5677758/fcc-fines-verizon-a-record+breaking-25-million-for-screwing-customers
  17. Google is suing the United States Government http://gizmodo.com/5678968/google-is-suing-the-united-states-government
  18. Google loses settlement against people who sued over Google Buzz, ordered to pay $8.5 million http://gizmodo.com/5679912/every-gmail-user-in-the-world-just-won-a-settlement-against-google-and-got-nothing
  19. Google Maps fucks up big time. http://gizmodo.com/5682017/how-google-maps-led-to-an-accidental-invasion
  20. San Fransisco bans Happy Meals http://gizmodo.com/5680022/san-francisco-bans-happy-meals
  21. The McRib is back http://gizmodo.com/5679736/the-mcrib-is-now-available-at-every-single-mcdonalds Anyone eat it yet? Reviews?
  22. Woman has to pay $1.5 Million dollars for 24 songs she downloaded in 2006 from Kazaa http://gawker.com/5681145/woman-must-pay-15-million-for-illegally-downloaded-songs (Biggest crime? Using KazAa)
  23. If you want to live the good life go to Norway http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20101104/hl_afp/unhealthsocial_20101104145621
  24. What your phone says about you http://gizmodo.com/5681836/how-fanboys-fandroids-and-crackberry-junkies-see-each-other (pretty accurate, in my opinion)
  25. Benguin’s App of the Week http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trainyard/id348719156?mt=8 More like his ASS of the week.  Lol Fuck your show notes, Agrippa
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