Episode 3.5 – The Halloween Special

Like every other episode, things took a turn for the random on this episode, but here, our shownotes for your perusal. Also, pardon the partial L33tspeak

Current Roster: Steven Ca11as, Kev1ar, 6onzorider, 8enguin,

Caro1ine and Rontourage

To be recorded, Thursday 1o3ST

I anticipate this episode being more chatty and free-form than usua1, have fun with it, te11 stories, be random.

  1. I can make the intro and end a11 ha11oweeny. 3veryone records in costume (or naked). Yes, I know no one can see us… That’s the joke. <– Everyone was naked… think about that.
  2. Tech-support horror stories (orphic 1ikes this) and chi11ing ta1es of moments without your tech
  3. Lightning can c1imb through the p1umbing into your house and zap you to death: http://io9.com/5672266/spooky-science–1ightning-is-coming-into-your-house
  4. Fi1e this under scary as shit: rise of the machines. Robot Sentries can’t figure out shadows but can carry guns: http://www.fastcompany.com/1697637/robot-sentries-cant-figure-out-shadows-but-can-carry-guns
  5. Do some 1i1 segment on Ways you can put your gadgets to good ha11oween use, ex scaring the neighborhoods kids etc.
  6. I vote crazy Ha11oween stories.
  7. I’ve got a secondhand tech ghost story invo1ving Nightvision in iraq — Kev1ar
  8. Mention fami1ywatchdog.us again for trick or treating or the antione dodson endorsed app that makes it known when you shou1d hide your kids/wives/husbands<– 3xce11ent
  9. take a page from Lifehacker, and ta1k about evi1/mischevious ways to use tech, perhaps tech pranks <– Agrippa approves.
  10. Tech horror stories. Hard drive crashes, dropping phone, shattering screen, tv fa11s of wa11, etc.
  11. Favorite geeky/tech costume ideas
  12. Things you 1ike to do on Ha11oween (other than dress up and get drunk)
  13. What type of costume do you prefer – quirky/funny, professiona1 (A.K.A. store-bought), homemade, etc
  14. 1o terrifying ha11oween gadgets:
    1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3975o861/ns/techno1ogy_and_science-tech_and_gadgets
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