Interview: Inside the Protests in Brazil, Part 1

Brazil is known the world over for its beaches, Carnival, soccer, and its beautiful people and cultures, but it is also known to those who live there for its intense bureaucracy, high import taxes, corrupt politicians and frequent protests. With the eyes of the world and the media turning towards Brazil for the FIFA Confederations Cup and the coming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, the protesters hoped to gain an international audience for what is going on in their country using peaceful demonstrations only to find out FIFA and the Brazilian government have other plans. In this first interview, I have the honor of speaking with one of the residents of Belo Horizonte, Ricardo, to find out what is going on in Brazil.

A few links to follow what is going on in Brazil and Belo Horizonte, all very dependable:

Belo Horizonte nas Ruas

And this video from Folha, dependable news outlet but I have heard in later pieces they may be a little slanted:
Reporter tells how the police marked the protests/a>

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