WSJ: Sony to announce Playstation 4 later this month

It’s been 7 years since Sony announced the next big thing in video game consoles; back then the Playstation brand was infallible but losing ground to Microsoft’s XBox 360, the Playstation 3 promised to be the next great leap in home consoles. One great recession and a struggling gaming industry later, Sony’s hedging it’s next gen bets on a February 20th unveil.

Though at this point the name “Playstation 4” is nothing more than a placeholder; we do know that Sony has scrapped plans to remove the optical drive from its console and has refocused their attention to “social gaming.” The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that the new console will no longer support the IBM-Toshiba made Cell chip and has created compatibility issues with existing software. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that your hundreds of dollars investment in your video game library is all for naught.

We’re eagerly anticipating what Sony announces on the 20th and hope that their purchase of the short lived video game streaming company, Gaikai, is put to some good use.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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