Scott Forstall “got what he deserved,” says Nest founder

Have you seen the Nest smart thermostat? It’s a beautifully designed learning thermostat designed by former iPod chief, Tony Fadell. Did you hear about Scott Forstall being fired a week ago? The former iOS boss was unceremoniously canned after the poor reviews iOS Maps received. Most of us in the blogosphere have debated whether it was a rash action taken on the part of Apple; Fadell however, was quoted by BGR as saying Forstall, “got what he deserved.”

According to the source article, Forstall and Fadell had “bumped heads” during their time at Apple, so the shade being thrown is probably not a big surprise by the folks who worked with both former Apple execs. For what it’s worth, if you missed last week’s podcast (recorded on Tuesday btw); we pretty much agreed that someone had to visibly be fired over Maps.

Source: BGR

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