Apple Retail Store revenues best diamonds

Worth more than diamonds?

Diamonds are a funny thing; they’re fancy pieces of carbon that people are willing to spend a whole lot of money on. They’re considered precious stones that are invaluable; hence their usually inflated costs. Apple’s wares are a lot like said diamonds, except when talking about how much of each item you can actually sell.

According to AllThingsD, a recent study by Retail Sails puts Apple’s Retail Stores at selling around $6050 per square foot – making Apple Retail the richest retailer in the land. How does this figure compare to other retailers? The absurd figure dwarfs that of Tiffany & Co.’s retail sales of $3017, roughly half of what Apple pulls in. In the overall rankings of American retailers, Apple still managed to come in at a respectable 9th overall behind the likes of Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

One thing to consider is that RetailSails’ findings are a national average; that still leaves much to be said about the following:

Remember that $6,050 per square foot is an average and that Apple’s flagship stores generate considerably more. “Back in 2010 or so, the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York alone was estimated to be selling $350 million in revenue per year, and it is only a 10,000 square foot store, [emphasis ours]” Howe told AllThingsD. “Doing the math, you discover its sales rate was $35,000 per square foot, although Apple has never confirmed those figures.”

Source: All Things D

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