Bully P2P attorney hit with felony charge

Hey, ever hear that story about the West Virginia attorney suing over 22,000 “John Does” for illegally downloading copies of Teen Anal Nightmare 2 and Juicy White Anal Booty 4? Well, our hero protagonist, Kenneth J Ford, finds himself in the midst of his own set of legal troubles in his home State.

Ford, who aside from suing indiscriminately started the “Adult Copyright Company,” was recently charged with one count of forgery and one count of false pretense, both felonies. The lawyer’s most recent troubles (whose law license had been  suspended five times since 2006 – classy eh?) comes after he admitted to forging a court order after a client “bugged him about doing [his] job.” According to the source article, Ford forged the order in hopes of quieting his client’s complaints in an unrelated custody dispute.

Say what you will, but no one should really be at all surprised by Ford’s forgery charge; after all he is the same guy that was suing people without cause then shaking them down for thousands of dollars in the name of copyright. After all, who wants to go to court over Juicy White Anal Booty 4? Ford is currently facing up to 20 years for both forging a public document and false pretense.

Sources: Ars Technica, The Journal News

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