The creator of the Blue Bomber is giving us a new blue hero

DAAAAAWWWWWW… Wait, pirates?

It’s not often that a Nintendo 3DS title comes along that makes me drop what I’m doing but when you hear it’s Kenji Inafune’s first console project since leaving Capcom; I’m all ears! For those that may not know, Inafune is the man behind the iconic Blue Bomber aka Mega Man. Early last year, Inafune parted ways with the company that produced one of video game history’s most iconic heroes and set out on his own.

KAIO – King of Pirates from stars another blue hero but Mega Man it is not. The central character is an named penguin that looks so saccharine-y sweet that you probably already have cavities to fill. Also setting KAIO apart from its side-scrolling predecessor is that this time around we’re looking forward to an immersive RPG experience that will “visualize [snip] “human appeal” itself. What is beyond the “right and wrong” or the “good and bad”.

The story seems to revolve around a mysterious treasure (Lucifer Coins) and a quest for power – rather deep subjects to explore when your cast of characters look like this:

“I will mess you up!”

Still, considering the gaming heavy-weight behind KAIO it’s definitely a game that’s on the radar. Expect it to be released some time in 2012 and in the meantime check out our gallery and trailer below.

Source: KAIO – King of Pirates

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