Sony Pictures to produce Steve Jobs bio-pic

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures has successfully made a bid to be the studio that will bring us the Steve Jobs bio-pic sometime in the future. Sony Pictures and producer Mark Gordon have secured the rights to the upcoming Walter Isaacson biography Steve Jobs.

The Steve Jobs biography had been expected to be a huge seller even before the tech titan’s passing, having sat on Amazon’s top 50 list as a pre-order item. Sony has been mum on details and of course it’s still too soon talk about who will don the (in)famous black turtleneck.

Sony Pictures is no stranger to the docudrama genre (see The Social Network and Moneyball) and it seems like a natural fit for the company. This will be the second time that our Dear Leader will be portrayed in a movie (the first was The Pirates of Silicon Valley) and I’ll be looking forward to it.

Source: Deadline

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