Noisecast Roundup 10.25.2011: Happy Birthday, Windows XP

Hello neighbor. It’s It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor, I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. Hi Noisecast neighbor, I’m glad we’re together again….

New Study Shows That Tablet Users Are Educated And Loaded.

I wonder what the study says about those of us who sold our tablets and moved on? Are we the equivalent of deadbeat dads who also happen to be college dropouts? Anyway, this is an interesting outcome. The perception is of the hipster or neck-beard purchasing these in droves, but the results make sense. Tablets are still fairly expensive. Especially the reigning champ, iPad. Which further makes sense. Accounting for 70+% of the market, its demographic would skew the whole.

Batman: Arkham City. 4.6 Million Copies Sold In Week 1.

Yes, the game is huge. If you haven’t seen our reviews, I suggest you get a coffee and sit down for our in-depth look at the current game of the year.

XP Is 10 Years Old!

It just… won’t… die… Microsoft is still making money off it, but they sure as hell wish they weren’t. XP and IE6 have become like Herpes. They’re with you for life. I know it’s messed up that I missed the iPod birthday but noted XP. But hey, XP is an STD.

Android Estimated To Have Overtaken iOS in Global Mobile App DLs.

Well, considering Android as a platform is the reigning worldwide champ (while Apple is the reigning individual manufacturer), it was only a matter of time before App downloads caught up.

Is Google Looking Into Buying Yahoo?

Here we go again. Some people suspect Google is just messing around to force Microsoft into buying a fug. On the other hand, they take Yahoo and they take a bite out of the email and news market they were already infecting. Microsoft, would be forced to intervene and purchase, perhaps over pay for Yahoo in order to protect their turf. Who knows what’s up. We’ll see. I vote Google’s on a lark.

Amazon Profit Down 73%.

What the deuce? Revenue is as high as expected, even beating expectations, and the Kindle is proving even more popular than ever. What’s more they have had to “manufacture millions more than they originally planned” because the demand has been insane. However their costs are insane. Their net income is essentially the size of a mid-sized mega-corporation :P

Well, there you have it. The roundup is done for the night, the chicken heads have laid their heads to rest, turn out the light, and lay your head on my chest, hell no you can’t go out and creep, now go the fuck to sleep.

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