Need a drinking buddy? These guys are on it!

Now you know what I drink. The next meet up should have those items listed.

Full disclosure: I love a good drink. Sure I could just buy a bottle or two and chill at home but drinking is a lot more fun when you’re out and better still when you have company. Sadly kiddies, as you get older and your friends start doing things like getting married and having kids, or just you know having adult-like jobs, it becomes difficult to find someone to go on an all night bender with. Thankfully, Let’s Drink Tonight is working of remedying this very problem.

The idea is pretty straight forward. Sign up on their the Let’s Drink Tonight site, answer 4 questions to build your profile, and wait to see who’s in your area. You can choose to meet random strangers as your future drinking buddies or keep it, umm, safe with your Facebook friends only. Let’s Drink Tonight is a group of developers, Zephyr Pellerin, Allen Romero, Jeremia Kimelman and Hunter Hastings, were participants in TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2011 competition and came up with the ingenious idea to create a way for fellow lonely drinkers to meet up and well, have a drink together. Sounds totally safe. Really.

When I tried the site, I was able to set up a profile and link to my Facebook account, however, it appears that there are still some bugs; after all, the site was cooked up in a weekend. Still, the idea that one day soon we may be making friends or meeting up over drinks sounds like a future I want to be a part of.

Check our gallery below and hit up the source link for Let’s Drink Tonight’s site.

Hat tip to Killahkazx

Sources: TechCrunch, Let’s Drink Tonight

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