Google Launches Magnifier, Adds The Tiniest Bit Of Music Discovery To Google Music

Back in May, Google became the second major software company to launch a cloud-based music service to accompany its suite of software sans music label blessings. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. The service itself worked wonderfully (apart from an initial lengthy upload of your music), however it was handicapped by the service’s inability to discover any new music. Today that ends! Now the service only has an inability to discover most music.

The new service is actually closer to a music blog than a true discovery service. According to the email sent out to Google Music users, every day Google’s team of “music experts” will track down new songs from bands you know, or maybe even bands you don’t know, and share them. Each post is accompanied by a button that will let you quickly and painlessly add music to your library.

If you were expecting to find the latest hits from major labels, though, think again. Most of the music is independent. Which isn’t a bad thing! I have quite a bit of music in my collection from independent sources! That’s just not the only music I listen to. I’m also in the minority in enjoying some of those bands. Which is kind of what makes something indie. It’s the opposite of mainstream. The opposite of what most people listen to. While we can argue all day about musical tastes, Hannah Montana is more popular than Brad Sucks. Much to my dismay.

It’s a bit like trying to save a sinking ship with a bucket, but it’s a start. Prior to today, Google Music had no way to discover anything you didn’t bring yourself. Now it has a teeny tiny way. So, if checking out new indie music is your thing, hit up the source link.

If checking out new indie music is your thing, but you don’t yet have Google Music, you might be able to coax me into sending you an invite. Hit me up on Twitter at @ocentertainment with your email address. Supplies are super-limited. If you’re desperate and convincing, you might have a shot with me, though. Oh god, that came out wrong.

Source: Magnifier

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