Episode 44 – Technical Difficulties

Episode 44 of the podcast is live and full of extremely bad artifacts. Seriously, we apologize. But here you go anyway. Try not to hold it against us. We’re trying to figure it out. Anyway, topics after the jump and the episode is right here:

Episode 44 Topic List

Date: 9/11/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Ron, Eric, …

  1. Google Buys Zagat http://bit.ly/qnYOLF
  2. GameStop Buys used iPhones – are they a real gaming platform now http://bit.ly/niI3h7
  3. Sprint Prepping for iPhone 5? http://cnet.co/osx7q0
  4. New Kindle: http://bit.ly/qyr1bV
  5. Mini spiders may soon be swimming in your veins! http://engt.co/nfAdzv
  6. Registration Begins for .XXX Domains http://bit.ly/pqEZSI
  7. PSN gets NFL Sunday Ticket for the low price of one tank of gas. http://bit.ly/pb6h4z
  8. Google gives HTC big-ticket patents to fight Apple http://bloom.bg/rd6nRl
  9. Google releases data-center power usage numbers http://nyti.ms/ohbqsI

WTF! News

  1. Arizona Walmart employees rob store to fund sex change http://reut.rs/r4fOXb
  2. Seemingly drunk Swedish moose found stuck in tree – http://yhoo.it/oYIQa1
  3. Man with “Big hairy” buttocks hits golf balls at his neighbor http://sunsent.nl/ns7ubN
  4. Man tries to steal a truck from the scene of an accident http://bit.ly/qrdje1
  5. Chris “KevlarMenace” Ness Exits the Closet. http://bit.ly/o7UPhp
    1. Ron wants a BJ.
      1. Denied: Not my type
  6. Underground Porn Bunker for the Post Apocalyptic world. http://bit.ly/pE4HvH
  7. Ohio Guy Gets Busted Having Sex With Inflatable Pool Toy: http://goo.gl/1wcrg
  8. Nathan Mark Hardy, man arrested with live lobsters in pants – http://bit.ly/r9KVgz
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