Episode 41 – Let Me Google That For You

You know what this is? A brand spankin’ new episode of the Noisecast. This is public episode 41 but secret episode 263 and super secret episode 341. For access to the secret podcast you can go to secret Noisecast or, Snoisecast and for the super secret podcast you can go to super secret noisecast, or Ssnoisecast. But I wouldn’t bother, it’s a dark dark place. Anyway, this episode has lots of fun as usual so sit back and kick it with us. As usual, the show notes are after the jump but you can listen to the podcast right here:

Episode 41 Topic List
Date: 8/14/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Ron, Vitto, Gonzo, Eric, Tawnie, Kevlar

  1. Words words
  2. Bing Beats Google on Search Effectiveness: http://bit.ly/oElQ0O
  3. Facebook Messenger http://bit.ly/p8c6Bt
  4. Google+ Games, did they do it right? http://bit.ly/nEablO
  5. Is everything fake in China http://bit.ly/rrlMhw
  6. Someone is blaming video games again… http://bit.ly/opVZ2l
  7. Anonymous Targets Facebook: http://bit.ly/pRLDeC
  8. Ron plays with heavy balls. http://t.co/aoYp1i1

WTF! News

  1. Police urge holster use after man shoots his own penis http://bit.ly/nOxBFk
  2. Police officers arrested for dui, speeding and littering. http://bit.ly/r98vlD
  3. U.S. man fined $27K after ejaculating in co-worker’s water bottle http://bit.ly/r6sZ5n
  4. Chinese man proposes dressed as giant carrot http://tgr.ph/qweRRF
  5. Going to need a bigger boat: Great white shark leaps aboard http://on.msnbc.com/oqpSaV
  6. FL Lawyer challenges gf to a naked sword duel: http://sunsent.nl/qqzv7k
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