the NoiseStash: Periodic Table Gibberish

A mother and daughter have gotten extremely creative with all of the chemical elements listed on the periodic table. Flipping through their etsy shop, ShopGibberish, you’ll find tons of goodies that can make great gifts for almost any occasion. (or you can be greedy and keep it all to yourself by telling NO ONE where you got that awesome t-shirt you’re wearing. But cool things like these shouldn’t be kept to yourself. They should be shared with the world, which is why I’m telling you about them today.

These ladies have done an amazing job and have a great selection of T-shirts, pillows, picture frames, cards, jewelry, name tags, magnets, cuff-links and much more. You can purchase some items as-is, but the real fun is getting something more special and personal by ordering a product custom made.

Check out photos of a few of their different products after the jump.

Source: ShopGibberish (Etsy)

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