Noisecast roundup: tournament edition 2 turbo

That title isn’t actually relevant to any of today’s news stories. But you know, whatever.

I could listen to that song all day, but we’ve got news to get to.

IBM turned 100 years old, today. Here’s a look at what the computing giant has given us over the past century. Personally I’ll always remember them for their clackety, nearly indestructible, keyboards.

We here at the Noisecast aren’t usually fans of releasing sensitive personal information of others, but following the shameful display in Vancouver yesterday, I fully support this endeavor to out this jackasses for the cocks that they are. Here’s another website as well. You were supposed to be better than this, Canada. ಠ_ಠ

I do feel kinda bad for this guy, though.

Cable companies are starting to realize that maybe their current business model isn’t exactly a good thing when an increasing number of customers can’t afford it. I’d be more than happy to give up cable tv completely if it wasn’t a bundled deal with my internet access. And that’s exactly how they get you.

In the past if you wanted a phone that looked like an iPhone but ran Android, you’d have to hand out in shady shops in a Chinese back alley  (or visit Samsung, hey-oh!). Well no longer, my friends! Sears has got you covered. Or at least had you covered. Looks like it’s been pulled already. How unfortunate.

You may recall the little thing on Monday about Rebecca Black’s Friday being inaccessible on Youtube for a little while. Well today they’ve officially pulled the plug and it has been removed completely. And nothing of value was lost.

RIM claims to have shipped half a million Playbooks. That may be true, but I wonder how many of those are sitting unsold on store shelves. I would remark how I have yet to see one in the wild, but I hardly leave the house these days and my be a poor test case. Have you guys seen any around?

Do you feel like some kind of weirdo because you spend a lot of time on the internets? Well maybe you shouldn’t be. A new study suggests that social networks like Facebook lead to an increase in the number of close friends a person has compared to their unplugged peers.

If you thought the Segway was goofy looking, get ready for the Tilto. The name is even ridiculous. At least Segway implied getting from one place to another (and improper spelling), but Tilto just sounds like a crappy carnival ride.

Oh, and a very unfortunately named politician resigned today following a scandal involving a picture of his penis. I guess that’s tech related. Barely. You’re probably heard enough about that by now though (or at least 63% of Americans think so).

And that wraps up another day here at the Noisecast. Tomorrow rounds out my week of doing these, so I’ll catch you all then. Sweet dreams, netizens.

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