Mario Marathon 4: playing Nintendo for charity

For the fourth year in a row, a bunch of guys from Indiana are pulling long hours playing Super Mario games to raise money for Child’s Play. The idea is that as people donate money, they are forced to play more and more levels of different Mario games. The more money that comes in, the more they have to play. At the time of writing they’ve already raised nearly $48,000.

I’m a huge fan of these guys and what they do. It’s all for a good cause, getting toys and games for sick kids. But more than that, the guys themselves are just great people and watching them play is surprisingly entertaining (particularly when they do really badly). I spent entire weekends watching the last two marathons, but unfortunately this year I’m kind of busy and can’t tune in as much as I’d like. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Some really whacky stuff tends to happen in the wee hours of the night especially.

You can tune into the stream over at Donate if you can, or just help spread the word. If not for the sake of doing a good deed, do it to be cruel and force them to collect all the blue coins in Mario Sunshine. Those things are a bitch

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