Noisecast Roundup 4-29-2011: TGIF

It’s Friday, nothing really major in the news. We had a great week, a few fun things happened, and now it’s the weekend. Let’s keep this short and have a great weekend. As usual, the roundup is after the jump.

  • It finally happened this week: Microsoft is now also less profitable than Apple.
    Less than a decade ago, heck even 5 years ago, this would have been unthinkable. But it’s happened. Zombie Apple, fueled by the souls of Mac Heads came back from the grave and stuck its thumb up Microsoft’s ass. Before anyone settles, remember how far Apple has come, the difference in girth and margins and overhead of the two companies. Microsoft taking the crown back is not impossible. What also isn’t impossible is another company coming out of left field like Google or Amazon. Not to mention a company that hasn’t been started yet. Everyone forgets the hegemonic power of IBM before this new crop. I’m looking at a company like Facebook right now. This is the power of the long tail (real life is rarely truly Gaussian and normally distributed).
  • Done in jest: Revisiting Lord of The Rings.
    Steven takes his trademark snark back over the much loved Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s all done in good fun and he, like most of us of course, love this trilogy to death. Let me drop a little sacrilege. I have read everything by Tolkien at least twice and I am not a huge fan. I liked them enough to finish them. When I had nothing else to do, I obviously liked them enough to read again, but beyond that, not a huge fan. The one exception is The Silmarillion (and to a lesser extent, “There And Back Again”). I love that book with an indecent passion. I’ve always been an encyclopedia type of guy anyway. I also love fables told as fables and not like novels. So I was bound to love it. If you’re wondering what my geek poison happens to be, it’s Dune. I know that compared to the other geekdoms, we have a longer history than some (like Star Wars), but we’re comparatively few. I still enjoyed the Trilogy thoroughly, and would read the books again if I were bored enough.
  • Here we go: Class Action Suit against Google for location tracking.
    Oh for crying out loud. Unleash the flood.
  • Intel touts 50Gbps interconnect by 2015 and I jizz in my pants.
    So frakking awesome. I love it. Now if we can just get Gb internet speeds. The damn researchers are already talking about something 5 times faster. I love it! Though, I wonder what that means for Thunderbolt.
  • Details of Samsung’s Chrome OS notebook leaked.
    Honestly… a little bit indifferent about this. After months with my CR-48, which I love, Chrome OS isn’t sufficient. As long as we have offline powers and it isn’t a paperweight without internet access, it might be worth it. But there is just too much on ground that I need to be able to do without looking for “cloud” alternatives and workarounds.
  • Thickness of white iPhone causing issues for case-makers and owners.
    No rest for the wicked. Well at least the white iPhone is out, right? In the scheme of things, such as antenna issues, things could be worse.

Well, that’s a wrap. It’s Friday so we might as well let loose. Have a great weekend and see y’all on Monday.

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