Noisecast Roundup 4-21-2011: Damn, you got sexy hands

So apparently your hands give away your level of hotness. The ratio of length between index finger and ring finger, can help determine how attractive a woman finds your face (symmetry, sex appeal, testosterone level). However, it doesn’t predict or supersede the effect of scent and voice which are more reliable markers of testosterone level. Yeah yeah, this is great and all that, but what I want to know is what this means I should feel about my penis. (Currently, I feel pretty, pretty good). Roundup after the jump.

  • RIM just can’t seem to get a break: Verizon ‘may’ sell Playbook if they feel like it.
    Verizon is sort of being a prick to RIM over the Playbook. They’re pretty ambivalent about the device and may or may not sell it “if they feel like it”. RIM sold 45,000 in its opening day. No word yet if its whole market has been exhausted yet. *trollface.jpg* >.<
  • Kotaku got its hands on some Wii 2 specs.
    One thing’s clear, if this is legit, so long, bargain-basement console, hello next-gen. Will I ever buy a Nintendo? Never! Not until some delivers Mario’s head on a platter. But this is pretty sweet. The question is, can they sell the new premium price? Will they be profitable out of the gate? Can they get the games made? How much longer will you people refuse to deliver me Mario’s head? You think I like hurting you? Please don’t call it the Wii 2.
  • Your hands can give away your hotness.
    I do have sexy, large hands, with healthy nails and soft skin because I moisturize after working all day building things with my bare hands out of iron and brawn. I have the right ratio and let me tell you, no ladies, you’re not dreaming, but I am the man of your dreams.
  • Did I mention that RIM can’t seem to get a break? Hulu blocking Playbook access.
    To be fair, they’re hardly the only mobile device being blocked. Hulu is determined to make its own cash through its own means. There must be a toll to their content. And they’re the piper.
  • Amazon Kills the Internet.
    The internet died today and amazon killed it. It had “technical difficulties” in its “servers” *cough* Skynet *cough* and it turns out that the entire internet that isn’t named either Google or Microsoft, runs on Amazon’s servers. The fact that you’re reading this means everything is alright now, but in case you printed this, I hope you also printed this.
  • FCC: Y U NO LEAVE T-MOBILE ALONE? AT&T: Cause T-mobile sucks bruh.
    So AT&T is laying down it’s argument for the purchase of T-Mobile to the FCC and that’s the gist of their argument. T-Mobile sucks, is a non-entity, a failed enterprise, and they need us. I still think AT&T be trolling on the cheap (yes $3 billion is cheap compared to a $39 billion acquisition or the extreme danger to AT&T of an acquisition by Sprint).
  • New Microsoft and Sony Consoles won’t land until at least 2014.
    They will presumably continue to add stuff till then. I wish we didn’t have to wait, but I guess it makes sense to milk sales for a bit longer since they both took a bit of a hit to their expenses, and their consoles (at least for Microsoft) are only recently profitable in and of themselves. Word is that both Sony and Microsoft are telegraphing to each other a mini-truce till then. However, if the new Nintendo console is disruptive, they both might speed up development. I doubt they’re just sitting on their hands, not doing R&D or anything.

Since we’re on the topic of “ideal men” and testosterone levels, let’s take it back to the other forgotten “manly-men” Old Spice commercials, forgotten thanks to Old Spice Guy.

A chin like that was meant for the camera.

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