The world’s largest gummy bear

Do you like gummy bears? Do you really like them? If you were given a gummy bear that was as big as your head, would you be the happiest person on the planet? If so you might want to bust out your wallet (or update your wish list) because you can get a gummy bear to fulfill your deepest and darkest digestive desires (and nightmares) for around $30. Vat19 is offering this five pound gelatin goodness that is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears mashed together. Standing at 9.5 inches tall it packs a whopping 12,600 calories…but don’t worry, it’s gluten free! It’s important to note that the website advises against trying to eat it all at once. In fact, Vat19 suggests that you portion it out across a few months since the giant gummy has a shelf life for one year. “If eaten in appropriate amounts, the WLGB probably won’t kill you :).” Good advice. But don’t let me try to sell this to you. Check out the two videos after the break and hit up the source link to purchase it in one of five different flavors!

Source: Vat19

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