Noisestash roundup, pessimism is good [late]

Read about the latest tech news, including Firefox's return, Groupon's COO departure, and Apple's lawsuit against Amazon. Plus, get a dose of rational pessimism and learn about the world's scariest family.

Rational Pessimism can save and enrich your life, hombre (video embedded after the jump)

Read on for news items and notable notables from around the net today. Yeah, I called it ‘the net’. How retro of me.

Alain de Botton – On Pessimism from The School of Life on Vimeo

Firefox is back. Most seem to love it, I’m not impressed

Groupon COO is departing… *shrugs*

Apple is suing amazon for using Appstore instead of App store

Windows Phone 7 ‘NoDo’ update is rolling out bit by bit. Copy/Paste for everyone!

Sprint unveils HTC EVO 3D. Of all the gimmic… god damnit! Go away, 3D!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, first edition sells for $29,875. Kindle edition still $9.99

Because you’re a stupid dumbass, here are 10 rules (it’s that simple) to be the next billionaire entrepreneur. Clearly these simple rules guarantee the success

MeeGo may not be dead yet… *Le sigh*

Microsoft just jumped from number 7 to number 2 for serving online videos in one month. Still far behind google owned sites (48,000 to 140 million)

Judge read my article (I’m sort of a big deal) about the inevitable march to eBooks and disagreed. decided to punish Google instead by rejecting its bid to digitize all the books of the world. Sorry bro.

Boeing’s biggest jet takes flight, ExxonMobil lols at the bajillions of dollars it’s about to make because of gas prices (to be fair, it’s more fuel efficient).

LG Thrill 4G AKA another god damn 3D phone! Go Away!

The future won’t run on batteries, it will run on optimism… err… ultracapacitors, until ultrabatteries arrive only to be overcome by superdupercapacitors, but their reign shall be short because of ultrasuperduperbatteriesplusturbo, etc

Walt Disney didn’t put Rasputin in the haunted mansion for fear of being sued by his descendants, or him in person…

Nintendo like you’ve never known them. Play Mario or else!

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