Noisestash Roundup, Day 1 of survival week edition

What? Doesn’t every house have one of these?

First, check out this video: Zombies in plain English (shut up, I know it’s not Halloween). The rest of the roundup after the jump.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s survival week (and a half) here at the Noisecast. Here’s some Zombie knowledge.

Know Your Meme is now under the umbrella of Cheeseburger networks. How meta…

So I think it’s certain that Google is pulling the trigger on mobile payments #oldnewsisold

LG could be making the Nexus Tablet? I’m listening…

Amazon’s planning a media locker that you can access from multiple devices… so… Dropbox?

“A federal judge has ruled that a court case against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will remain in federal court because Mr. Zuckerberg’s defense sufficiently proved the billionaire no longer intends to live in his parents’ house in New York.”  That’s literally all there is to this “article”

Run a mac? Is it behaving badly? Let Otterman hook you up.

What the fawk is this hawseshit?

WWDC announced and dates revealed

For the font geeks, Nokia has a new font and it’s pretty. I still prefer the wp7 font though. So I hope they keep that when they cross streams with Microsoft later

Lifehacker taught you how to bypass the nytimes paywall, Amazon has a better idea

Machiavellian, loathsome, annoying, but… brilliant. *sigh* Might actually work. I’ll just stick to Linux though, thank you very much

London is burnin (socially speaking) and I don’t like it. The Conservative government is building a police state (shocker!).

It’s a fight to overcome the culture at Nokia, so that shit gets done

This has been driving me nuts. I’ve always wanted to know why large nuts end up on top

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