Matthew Rothenberg leaves Flickr, SS Bartz continues to sink

Matthew Rothenberg was Flickr’s Head of Service, meaning ever since the departure of Flickr’s original co-founders during the Yahoo! exodus of 2008, he’s been the guy in charge. Rothenberg announced his resignation yesterday via a Tweet and further elaborated about his decision on his blog. The future of Flickr is still uncertain but Yahoo! maintains that it is committed to Flickr, just like they were committed to Delicious. Rothenberg maintains that his reasons for leaving were strictly personal, and Yahoo! parrots those reasons in its official statement, so don’t expect any public disgruntlement from him regarding his purple (former) overlords. Markus Spiering steps into Rothenberg’s spot for the interim but Flickr’s future and direction remains as big of a mystery as most of the other IPs on Carol Bartz’s chopping block. We wish Matthew nothing but the best of luck in his new endeavors.

Sources: VentureBeat, TechCrunch,

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