HP Sets Sights On Being A Leader In Cloud Based Services

Hewlett Packard announced Monday that they are planning on building their own cloud environment, app store, and tie it all in together with WebOS.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker said, “…the impact of cloud and connectivity is changing not only to the user experience, but how individuals, small business and enterprises will consume, deploy and leverage information technology.” While this seems like a novel use for their WebOS, and I think they have the tools to do it, adoption of the idea of using the Cloud depends on consumer trust.

HP is taking a very broad approach by wanting to cover all aspects of their business from home consumers to enterprises. Apotheker also said that there will be a consumer app store that could launch either later this year or in 2010. The apps in the store will be for both the consumer and enterprise users. When asked if other app developers already had a head start Apotheker said it was the quality of the applications and not how many they offered.

They appear to have fairly lofty goals for the future of Cloud in all aspects of computing, but Will it succeed? Only time will tell if users are ready to put their faith on the Cloud and cloud based apps. I’m not sure I’m ready. Are you?

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