the Noisestash: Care For a Cozy Beverage?

Is your unembellished coffee mug looking a bit too modest? Dress up that plain piece of pottery with a fun cozy from etsy seller, knotworkshop.

Reading the seller’s different product descriptions is almost as much fun as digging through the items in her shop. Here’s part of the description for her I heart whimsicle fuckery cozy:

What is whimsicle fuckery you ask?

I’m sure everyone has their own definition. But I’ll give mine a go here:

Whimsicle fuckery (noun): An act of fuckwittery so epic in its level, it reaches full on

entertainment status. Eliminating all potential for being offensive or controversial, it

instead simply creates an involuntary reaction typically involving pissing oneself or

spurting all internal liquids on your computer keyboard.

Oh, I do heart whimsicle fuckery. I heart it enough to have it on a mug cozy.

(Yes, I know how to spell whimsical. The incorrect spelling is you know, ironicle.)

Mug cozys aren’t all she sells. There are also bottle koozys, iPod cases, coasters, hats, gloves, scarves and more!

If you’re just way too badass, and these cozys aren’t doing anything for ya, maybe you should be drinking out of skulls.

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