Minecraft Documentary gets… Oh For Crying Out Loud!

Ugh! Have I said how much Minecraft bores me yet? Dear lord, I can’t stand this “game”. The kids at 2 Player Productions, the documentary makers who brought us the film Reformat the Planet, and who apparently now hate me, are raising money on kickstarter for their new film. The focus of the film is Minecraft. Enter “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang.” UGH!

2 Player has posted a 20 minute teaser of the documentary, and asking for funding in the order of $150,000. IF you pledge money on Kickstarter, there are a number of goodies as usual. For $2,500 you’ll get an actual Pick Axe mounted on a stand signed by the Mojang team. I’ll pass. For $10,000 you get an executive producer credit and your own profile page on IMDB. They have 31 days to go and have raised $30,000+ as of the writing of this. If you want to donate, you can help out here. The teaser is embedded after the jump.


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