Episode 13 – Happy New Year!

Episode 13 Topic List Started recording at 25:00 (Kevlar’s use)

Roster: First time ever, one of our core founders: DJ Orphic! The familiar roster: Steven callas, Ron Cassel, Vitto #9, Kaiser, Gonzorider. This is both the final episode recorded in 2010 and the first aired in 2011. Happy New Year!

  1. Few props for Microsoft Fuse labs but a lot of fun stuff happening there. I suggest you play with some of them and then see what’s what: http://bit.ly/9eK8tl
  2. UK is trying to fulfill Steve Jobs dream of Porn free computing. And force ISPs to filter it out. http://bit.ly/eInAuo (Looks like the ISPs themselves have told the old gentleman who suggested it to go shove it. http://bbc.in/gBwa2g, actually they say it is impossible to do)
  3. Looks like Steven won’t be able to whore himself on Cragislist anymore. http://bit.ly/fwM2JX [In theory this is true, but like the new FCC rules, it’s a wink-wink move that will allow me to find other holes in the system (get it?) to continue whoreing myself – Steven Callas]
  4. Why does Ron fuck moths? We will ask him. [Indeed further explanation is needed for before Gonzo decides not to give a shit.]
  5. Another day, another Kinect Hack. This one is the most promising yet: http://bit.ly/gaxU7o
  6. Man caught smuggling cocaine in Easter Candy…during Christmas Season: http://bit.ly/gDVewU
  7. Clear 4G is up in San Fran: http://t.co/JVUpkHm
  8. RapidShare has hired a lobbying firm http://bit.ly/hkCtQz
  9. Konami’s 3DS dating simulator uses facial recognition to block virtual cheating http://t.co/JykYw2D
  10. What Happens When You Steal a Hacker’s Computer http://t.co/pJ7SOjs
  11. Woman arrested for assault on cop with sex toy http://t.co/sUOWO3x
  12. Your favorite piece of tech or gadget that came out in 2010
  13. Your top WTF story in tech of 2010
  14. California man supports himself by suing spammers http://bit.ly/e4dntb
  15. iPhone powered Beer Cannon http://youtu.be/TVyLuosZ1rY
  16. Vitto #9 Reviews Opera 11 browser
  17. Steven is an attempted murderer: http://yhoo.it/ez9r7w
  18. Electro-Abs for women: http://gizmo.do/dGd3Zp
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