Episode 2 – Pimps, Ponies and Self Driving Cars

Good techie NSFW Randomness on the house. The usual suspects, the usual subjects, and penis jokes.

  1. Google’s self-driving cars: http://gizmodo.com/5659935/google-is-road-testing-cars-that-drive-themselves, http://gizmodo.com/5662005/test-driving-googles-driverless-car
  2. Initial WP7 thoughts
  3. Any specific WP7 phones catching your eye? Planning on switching soon?
  4. /facealm of the week: Apple’s sexting crackdown that teaches you Spanish: http://gizmodo.com/5662615/apples-new-anti+sexting-technology
  5. Predictions for Mac OSX 10.7/ Announced Mac Event Predictions
  6. Ubuntu 10.10 thoughts, if anyone used it or tried it
  7. Sony’s GoogleTV
  8. iPad and Verizon
  9. If you were a Chilean miner, what story would you make up to give yourself more publicity?
  10. Top Jason Chen’s singing by performing a few verses /facealm of the week: http://gizmodo.com/5661178/do-i-need-an-apple-tv
  11. Predictions for Mac OSX 10.7
  12. Ubuntu 10.10 thoughts, if anyone used it or tried it
  13. Sony’s GoogleTV
  14. Possible Mac Event drunkmodo drinking game rules/ reasons to drink/ i hope you guys know what i mean(hypothetical, of course)
  15. Pussy City Pimps (game) http://www.i-mockery.com/romhacks/pussycitypimps/
  16. iPads to be sold by Verizon. Possible more credence to Verizon iPhone?
  17. http://store.ovi.com/content/55754?clickSource=search&terminalId=3600s and how stupid Nokia and it’s users are and this is why it’s failing.
  18. A rundown of info and perhaps review of the windows phone 7 releases. The different phones, some of the stats, what we think could happen, how do we feel now that we’ve seen the lineup?
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